New Automotive Interior

With the development of electric vehicles and the digitalisation of the car in general, the demand for display solutions in the automotive industry is also increasing. Not every digital feature can be transmitted over a wireless network, which means that many things are connected by cables. The connected displays also have to cover certain distances where the quiet, small, low-vibration, durable and maintenance-free energy chain is required.
This application example shows a wonderful example

Company: Yanfeng automotive interior
Contact person: Mr. Tao Chen
Country: China
Further solutions in the automotive sector

The challenge

The following parameters had to be considered to make the centre console appear weightless.
1)Travel: 1200 mm.
2) Installation space 20 mm in height and 80 mm in width.
3) Noise level not more than 40dB(A).
4) The chain must meet the following requirements:
  • 30000 x trouble-free travel over the complete length of 1200 mm
  • Standard components to keep costs down


In cooperation with the customer, the following decision was made:
  • with a length of 800 mm which completely covers the travel of 1200 mm due to the central feed.
  • The chain is side-mounted in order to maintain the installation space.
  • The aluminium guide keeps the chain in its minimum bend radius of 25 mm.
  • The chain is a standard stock item, which further reduced costs for the customer, as no special chain had to be developed.