High requirements despite slow movement

basic flizz for primary clarifier in Plauen
In the large sewage treatment plant in Plauen, our basic flizz system reliably supplies the scraper bridge with energy. It replaces a motor cable drum, and since then the energy and signal supply of the primary clarifier has been running smoothly. The new system - a ready-to-install combination of energy chain and stainless steel enclosure - was specially developed to meet the requirement profile of sewage treatment plant operations.

Special ambient conditions for energy chains

The mobile scraper at the primary clarifier, which travels along a gantry above the primary clarifier, needs several minutes each time to convey oils, fats and the settled sludge to the end of the tank, where it is pumped off and fed to the treatment plant. Here, the axes do not run at one-second intervals. Despite the low speed, however, this is not a "low-end" application for movable cable guides. On the contrary, the energy supply system must function all year round and outdoors in 24/7 operation - in frost, strong sunlight, in corrosive, sometimes aggressive environments and with minimum maintenance.

Primary clarifier at the Plauen sewage treatment plant The primary clarifier of the Plauen sewage treatment plant

Wanted: Alternative to motor cable drum

The classic solution for this application is a motor cable drum which travels on the scraper bridge and rewinds and unwinds the cable synchronously in accordance with the position of the scraper. However, such a system can cause problems, as those responsible at the Plauen sewage treatment plant pointed out. Andreas Schubert, sewage master and in charge of a master craftsman's area at the plant operator ZWAV (Zweckverband Wasser und Abwasser Vogtland): "As the cable is placed on the top of the basin, it can twist and also freeze in frosty conditions. Then it is run over by the scraper and must be replaced. “
This happened several times in Plauen, where the wastewater of around 70,000 inhabitants and the local industry is treated, and led to high repair costs because the cables are adapted to the adverse environmental conditions and are accordingly expensive. In this situation, the sewage plant operators looked for alternatives.

basic flizz on 58 m travel in Plauen sewage treatment plant The basic flizz system in the primary clarifier has a length of 58 metres

basic flizz: Standard solution for sewage treatment plant technology

One of the companies contacted was igus. It was good timing, because a new standard for sewage treatment technology was just being developed, our basic flizz system, a complete solution for movable energy supply to scrapers, rakes and other sewage treatment plant systems. It consists of an E2 energy chain filled with the proven chainflex cables and guided safely and trouble-free in a weatherproof stainless steel enclosure. The equally compact and robust system is suitable for floor and wall mounting, allows travels of up to 200 metres and has been developed from the ground up for many years of trouble-free operation with minimum maintenance.

Installation on the inside of the tank - trouble-free operation

This as well as the price-performance ratio convinced the operator of the sewage treatment plant in Plauen, so that installation could proceed. Some special features had been taken into account in the offer. For example, the primary clarifier of the plant in Plauen is quite long at almost 60 metres, and the movable energy supply system had to be installed on the inside of the basin. Corrosion resistance and maintenance- and wear-free operation are main topics here, as the basic flizz is not accessible without draining the basin.
The new system was installed in summer 2013 and has been running smoothly ever since. Andreas Schubert: "No problems have occurred. With the motor cable drum we would certainly have had at least one more accident. “ 

The e-chain transports energy and signals to the scraper bridge The energy chain transports energy and signals to the scraper bridge

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