Energy supply for a heavy duty lathe: durable despite chips and dirt

Lathe manufacturer FAT HACO uses enclosed plastic energy chains to protect cables

With the FAT HACO heavy-duty lathe, the Polish lathe manufacturer enables the machining of very large and heavy workpieces. For the various cables and hoses used to transmit energy and data, the manufacturer was looking for a supply solution that was resistant to swarf and dirt but also very durable. Today, the machine tool manufacturer relies on enclosed energy chains from igus.


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Heavy duty energy chain with igus® energy chains In the TUR 3MN heavy-duty lathes from FAT HACO, workpieces with a length of up to 1,600mm and weighing up to 15,000kg can be machined.


The TUR 3MN heavy-duty lathe from the Polish manufacturer FAT HACO can handle workpieces with lengths of up to 1,600mm and weighing up to 15,000kg. The headstock of the lathe is of a modern compact design. The high-performance spindle ensures extreme precision and rigidity when heavy loads are being handled and ensures that the surface finish of machined workpieces is of a very high quality. In order to route the cables and hoses safely for the machine's energy and data transmission, FAT HACO searched for a suitable solution. This first had to withstand the swarf and dirt generated during operation of the lathe. At the same time, the manufacturer was looking for components that could guarantee exceptionally high availability and durability.


In addition to three-dimensionally moving energy chains of the triflex TRC series, enclosed e-chains of the R2 series are used today, which protect the inner-lying cables from swarf and dirt. The lids on the energy chains can be opened and closed easily using a screwdriver. This ease of installation and the availability and durability of the chains were the decisive point for FAT HACO to rely on energy chain systems from igus. Now, all the metal chains have been replaced with polymer energy chains from igus. Inside the energy chains, the machine tool manufacturer uses chainflex cables. They were developed specially for moving applications in e-chains to reliably withstand the stress of constant movement. This is assured by igus, which gives up to 36-months guarantee on all chainflex cables.
Heavy duty lathe with igus® energy chains FAT HACO trusts in polymer energy chains from igus for its CNC lathes. The closed design protects the cables inside against swarf and dirt.
Energy tube Streamlined chain guidance - integrated spring rods generate a retraction force that prevents loop formation.